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The wonders of Vietnam with your family

The daily life of Vietnamese to the Mekong Delta, the vastness of the river, the secret of the arroyos, Hue the ancient capital of the Nguyen, the foreign counter of Hoi An, traces of the Cham civilization and the China Sea, in a journey combining discovery, culture and leisure. The highlights of this tour will undeniably be the rise of the Mekong aboard the Tcharokaa boat and the discovery of the Puu Luong valley.

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Itinerary Plan

Market, Hanoi, Vietnam
Arrival in Vietnam
Nội Bài International Airport To Hanoi

You are greeted at Hanoi Airport by your driver. After settling into your hotel, immerse yourself in one of the Asian capitals that has reconciled its past with modern development. Depending on your arrival time, you could visit the museum of ethnography, which would prepare you for your adventure. Dinner at your leisure.

Travel duration - 1 hour
Market, Hanoi, Vietnam, Stéphan Valentin
Visit of the administrative capital, Hanoi

Nearly ten centuries ago, King Ly Thai To saw a dragon rise above the river. This dream revealed the location of the new capital, as well as its name Thang Long (the Dragon that takes off). Astrologers and geomancers contributed to an urbanism of which we can still see the traces in the garden city, which is dotted with lakes and still has beautiful remains. Whether royal, commercial or intellectual, the activities have their own neighborhood. You can visit the city's temples, the ethnography museum, the embassy district and much more. Dinner at your leisure.

Boat, Halong Bay, Vietnam
In the heart of Halong Bay
Hanoi To Halong Bay

You will be driven towards the Tonkin Gulf across the northern Red River Delta. You will then embark on a junk for a cruise through Halong Bay for one night. The ancient Annamese maps named the place "Luc Hai", or the blue sea, but it is well-known as "Ha Long", because the legends inspired by the almost unreal chaos of the place tell that it was in these waters that the Dragon descended from the sky to direct the water currents. On board, you will enjoy Vietnamese cuisine based on seafood. Lunch, dinner and overnight on the junk.

Travel duration - 4 hours
Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Back to Hanoi
Halong Bay To Hanoi

Back from your cruise, your driver will be waiting for you at the Tuan Chau landing stage in Halong, and will take you back to Hanoi to enjoy an afternoon and a free evening in the city. You will find your hotel, ideally located in the neighborhood of 36 guilds, which will allow you to walk around in the streets of the city. Lunch included and overnight in Hanoi.

Travel duration - 4 hours
Ngoc Son Ngo Luong, Vietnam
Stay in the natural reserve, Ngoc Son Ngo Luong
Hanoi To Ngoc Son Ngo Luong,

You will leave the intensity of Hanoi and head to the south-west of the Red River Delta through the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail.You will soon be in Muong territory,4 hours from Hanoi lies the Ngoc Son Ngo Luong's natural reserve. The road meanders through small valleys cut into rice paddies set in hills. From the starting point of the trek, a 2-hour walk separates you from your first stop: an Eden surrounded by nature on the edge of a waterfall in a deep valley It is here in this village that your hosts Muongs will offer you a traditional meal and you will spend the night in a beautiful house on stilts. Between Cuc Phuong National Park in the East and Pu Luong Nature Reserve in the West, Ngoc Son Ngo Luong is an eco tourism destination that deserves to spend a few days during your stay.

Travel duration - 3.5 hours
Pu Luong Valley, Vietnam
Trekking to the village Thai Cao Hoong
Ngoc Son Ngo Luong, To Cao Hoong

Ngoc Son Ngo Luong is still unknown and little visited because the natural reserve was only open to the public in 2010. After an early morning and saying goodbye to your host family, we offer a dip in the forest followed by an ascent to the top of the mountain. You will walk through lush jungle and small Thai villages along the way. After 5 hours of walk you finally arrive at the Thai village of Cao Hoong where you will spend the night with a local family. Lunch and dinner included.

Travel duration - 5 hours
Mountains, Sunset, Ninh Bindh, Vietnam
Night train to Hue
Cao Hoong To Hue

In the land of white Thais, every houses on stilts are built on the same way and topped with rice straw roofs. Scenes of everyday life: under the patios, girls in uniform weave bamboo mats, cook, gaze down the valley where flows a river with crystal clear waters. At the end of the day, you will join Ninh Binh to climb aboard the 6L89 train to Hoi An, which you will reach the next morning, meanwhile, the night falls on North Vietnam, and the train takes you to the South of country. Dinner at your leisure and overnight on the train.

Travel duration - 10 hours
Old Gate, Hue, Vietnam
Walking around the city of Hue

You will arrive early in the morning at Hue station. Cinnamon and aromatic plants descended the river from the Annamite Cordillera; the Perfume River may have been named, unless the courtesans who officiated in sampan on the river embalmed the surroundings with their haunting perfumes. You will discover the old-fashioned charm of this royal city and its surroundings where kings shared their life between the Forbidden City and their tomb laid out as a palace. You will visit the Mausoleum of Minh Mang, that of Tu Duc, the Pagoda of the Old Lady Celestial who will be a memorable point of view at sunset on the Perfume River. Dinner at your leisure.

Architecture, Hoi An, Vietnam
Hoi An, through the clouds overlooking the Sea of China
Hue To Hoi An

From Hue, you will head to Hoi An, located 100 km south on the banks of the Thu Bon River. During the 16th century this city was one of the major business centers for Western traders in Southeast Asia. The architecture of the trading houses is a inherited style from the Chinese and Japanese influence. You can settle down quietly in your hotel and enjoy your free time to soak up the special atmosphere of this first counter of the sixteenth century. which was also a Cham port until the 8th century. Dinner at your leisure.

Travel duration - 2.5 hours
Boats, Hoi An, Vietnam
A day to explore Hoi An
Hoi An

You will find yourself in Champa, and it is interesting to visit My Son. This ancient religious capital of the Chams is one of the few testimonies of this Indian-influenced civilization forever lost. The old Cham harbor is home to a Chinatown which has been declared as a World Heritage Site. There is much to contemplate, with, in addition, a special atmosphere to this old foreign counter, established by traders of all origins. Then you can ride a bike with our local guide, Ba Tu, in the maze of paddy fields, to visit Phuoc, his father, who will take you fishing for Ca lua on his boat on the Tu Bon River. Dinner at your leisure.

Lanterns, Vietnam
Discovering Whale Island and Kay Luong
Hoi An To Whale Island

You will fly to Nha Trang and then a driver will take you to the peninsula of Hon Gom where you will embark for the Whale Island. Here you will be able to enjoy the coconut trees, the East Sea its corals and tropical fish and walking in the island for plants or bird watching. You will take a boat from the island to visit Kay Luong, a small fishing village, descendants of the Ha and Cham ethnic minorities who worship whales and you will see what they are setting up for the burials. Back in the afternoon on the island. Dinner at your leisure.

Travel duration - 7 hours
Beach, Whale Island, Vietnam
Resting day in the Whale Island
Whale Island

Nestled in lush greenery, your hotel offers a relaxing environment. Dinner at your leisure.

Mekong, River, Vietnam
First time on the Mekong
Whale Island To Tiger Island

You will drive to Nha Trang Airport to catch your morning flight to Saigon, from where your driver will take you to the Mekong Delta, aboard the boat, you will then enjoy a 2-day cruise through the delta of the Mekong from Cai Be. Tien Giang ascent to Sadec. You will disembark to visit a Cao Dai temple and the house of the mother of Marguerite Duras. The boat will then head to Kinh Lap Vo towards Long Xuyen on the Bassac River. You could go on an excursion to discover the local life by mountain bike. Dinner at your leisure.

Travel duration - 3 hours
Floating market, Long Xugen, Vietnam
Floating market of Long Xugen
Tiger Island

You will wake up this morning on the outskirts of Tiger Island, in the vicinity of Long Xuyen, you are in the heart of the delta, life at a very particular pace, stuck on the whims of the river. You'll board an outpost with Vinh, a cook on board. He'll show you the secrets of the Long Xuyen Floating Market, the finest in the delta, then you'll land ashore for the latest shopping at the edge and drink an iced coffee. You will discover the city called "small Venice of the Mekong" because of its channels. Back on board, after lunch, you will arrive on the island of Tiger, wild and secret, the bikes are adapted to the ground, and the local life invites you to make permanent stops to attend the daily work of the young girls in the gardens and rice fields. Dinner at your leisure.

City, Ho Chi Minh ,Vietnam
End of the journey
Tiger Island To Ho Chi Minh city

You will leave the Tcharokaa after breakfast to disembark at Vinh Long, you will be driven to Ho Chi Minh City to catch your return flight.
This exploratory trip will have you discover Vietnam from North to South in the best conditions. The many nights at homestay will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Travel duration - 8 hours

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