Health & Safety in Sri Lanka

Health in Sri Lanka

Tips to stay healthy and safe.


Remember that Sri Lanka is a hot tropical country. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration when touring. Tap water in Sri Lanka is chlorinated and is generally safe to drink, but don’t unless it’s boiled and filtered. You should carry bottled water when touring sites. Wear sunscreen at beaches and don’t spend too much time out in the sun as you could get a heatstroke.

Food hygiene at restaurants is reasonable but varies depending on where you eat. It’s generally safe to try street food as long as it’s served hot.

Dengue and Malaria

Because Sri Lanka is a tropical country, dengue and malaria is an issue. Sri Lanka is at risk for these diseases and travelers must take precautions to avoid contracting. Dengue and malaria are mosquito borne diseases. Therefore, pack plenty of mosquito repellant, especially if you plan on doing outdoor activities. Don’t forget to wear mosquito repellant, especially when you are touring in early mornings and at dusk time. The best prevention method is to avoid mosquito bites.


Sri Lanka is a relatively safe country to travel. However, as with any other destination, certain precautions should be taken before travelling to best ensure your personal safety.

Petty thefts and scams are not uncommon in touristy areas. So keep your valuable safe when travelling in crowded areas and public transportation. Don’t fall for common scams like “precious stones deals” at popular tourist sites like Sigiriya.

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